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Okay Ready to move your car and household

  • Begin collecting boxes as soon as you decide your going to move: If you have already saved boxes, you should pack boxes for your personal belongs .
  • Make sure you begin the packing proper. Start packing up areas of your home that you don’t frequently use. Also, start packing up things that you don’t frequently use such as fine china.
  • Mark what you Pack: As you pack a box, write what it contains like, “KITCHEN SUPPLIES” and also, write if the box contains fragile supplies.
  • Empty your cabinets and dressers. Cabinets and dressers often become too heavy to move if their content is still inside them. Packers and Movers will often not move these unless JMC Cargo Movers and Packers Team will put your things in cartoon and then will move.
  • Fill your boxes to their maximum capacity. There is no use leaving any space in your boxes. Fill them up to their maximum capacity in order to save space and save money.
  • Packing your Tools. Make sure all tools are drained of all oil and gas before they are moved. It’s okay to keep them in their toolboxes while they are being moved.
MAKE SURE THAT NOTHING YOU PACK IS FLAMMABLE OR EXPLOSIVE. Anything flammable is potentially dangerous to your move. Your risk your belongings and the mover’s well









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