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Packing up Your Bedroom and Bathroom JMC Cargo

Clothing, Mattresses, and Mirrors

  • JMC Cargo movers and packers team will pack boxes or wardrobe cartons for moving clothing. 
  • Mattresses and mirrors will be moved by your movers. Agile movers have special Packing  to keep them safe from damage and clean.


  • *Important* Keep all jewelry and cash,other important items in your possession. If you don’t want to keep it with you, then keep at your bank locker before move .Do not handle precious goods. to our company team  *Important*


    • Televisions should be and moved by your mover with best  packing
    • Stereos should be wrapped well and placed in separate cartons.
    • DVD and CD players should have their lasers secured before moving. This precaution does not need to be taken for VCRs.
    • Make sure all CDs and DVDs are inside a well cushioned box that is labeled with the word “JMC”.
    • See Packing up Your Computer under Packing Your Living Room for information on packing computers.









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