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Packing Tips for major Household Items

There can be an endless list of household items in an individual’s home. And when one decides to relocate to a new home, one faces the difficulty to pack them all in proper order so that nothing gets damaged. JMC Packers And Movers brings you an exclusive list of pointers or tips to make your packing process for major household items a lot more convenient, as you have ever thought of.
Bureau Drawers
Avoid overloading items in a drawer to prevent it from damaging. Take away firearms (if any) that can either break or leak.
Cars and Motorcycles
If you are moving a motor vehicle like car or motorcycle on the van, make sure they are well drained off for the fuel and are not emptied before the move. Otherwise you will be get problem when you will go out of your new home.
Curtains and Drapes
You can hang drapes over crossbars in your wardrobe cartons, or you may also fold your curtains and pack them in clean cartons. Alternatively, you may remove the curtains from rods, fold them and pack them in either cartons or bureau drawers, JMC cargo Movers Team will pack all your carton box also.
Lamps and Lampshades
Pack lamps and lampshades individually in clean cartons with bubble sheets , Bulbs and harps should be wrapped with packing paper and taped within the inside corners of the carton. Shades can be wrapped in bubble sheets.
Any silverware item should be wrapped in a your old cloth or a low content paper to prevent it from getting tarnished. An old blanket can also be used for preventing the silverware chest from any scratches.

in within city movement no need to packing but within India packing and moving it should be pack in lamination to prevent dust and humanity.  









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