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Silverware and Flatware:

  • Our advice is to individually wrap each piece of silverware or flatware with wrapping paper. Secure the silverware and flatware with tape.
  • Place the individually wrapped pieces of silverware in a smaller container or box.


  • JMC cargo Packers & Movers team will wrap each glass individually with newspaper. For certain types of glasses, you can place a wrapped glass inside another and stack 3 or 4 glasses in one bundle.
  • JMC cargo Movers and packers team will Place them in a box with dividers in order to keep them safe from damage. A liquor box would be perfect in this situation.wrapping paper on top of the glasses in order to fill the box to capacity.
  • If you do not have liquor boxes, our packers will put your glasses with your other dishes, but make sure they are towards the top. We highly recommend you to get liquor boxes to save time and make packing easier.

Pots, bowls and Pans:

    • Agile Movers and Packers team will wrap each pot/pan/bowl individually.
    • Bowls can be nested together and packed similarly to plates.
    • If you choose to add these items to your plates, make sure they are above the first layer of plates. Other wise stack them together in bundles and pack them in a similar method to plates.









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