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Packing Tips - Important Materials

Boxes/Cartons: Make sure you have enough boxes to pack your belongings. Make sure that the boxes are in good condition. Start collecting cartons from your local stores. Liquor stores have boxes with dividers that are perfect for cups/glasses. Save boxes from materials you have purchased. Also, it is an excellent idea to begin collecting boxes as soon as you are sure you want to move.
Wrapping Paper: Things like newspaper, bubble wrap, corrugated sheet ,lamination  etc are important to keep your items protected. Use the cheapest available type of wrapping paper that you can to keep things protected. Some objects should be packed with bubble wrap while newspaper is enough for other objects.
Plastic Tape: JMC movers packers will have thick plastic tape to seal your boxes. The tape should be 2 inches wide in order to make sure the boxes are closed properly.

Permanent Marker:  Agile Packers & Movers is using Permanent markers are necessary to mark your boxes. Write things like “Fragile” Or “Kitchen Supplies” to make sure you can distinguish your boxes. It may also be a good idea to write this in many places on the box.









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